facebook in reality

September 19, 2008

as if facebook socializing wasn’t reality, the folks at the bbc have put together a brilliant video for our educational insight


so my friend jacob calle, a filmmaker from houston has once again made a hilarious stint on tv and is becoming the hot video on youtube. “hurricane sike” as jacob likes to call it, was a joke, and hurricane bear was there to prove it.

click it, its worth it!

rickrolling is old news, but this clip of barack rickrolling the RNC is pure gold.

the banner speaks for itself

September 13, 2008

click through, its very informative.

marriage waffle house style

September 10, 2008

occar wilde once said:

“Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.”

this is the classiest marriage i have ever seen, because if you are from the south you know how iconic waffle house is. you know about the 45 rpm singles and the healthiest food known to man, served on a plate. you know about cigarette ash flavored hash browns and the margarine soaked waffles. where else would you want to get married?  Bahamas, Hawaii, Italy? i think not!

and for your viewing pleasure, enjoy:


September 10, 2008

nice gift for christmas – hook it up

cat found near dumpster!

September 9, 2008

it gives me a headache just watching the video

certified sexpert

September 8, 2008

eugene mirman tells the truf!

best advice: “women love danger, if they could they would date fire!”